Friday, 8 November 2019

‘I’m Scribbleboy and i’m back to scribble!’

This term in Year 5 and 6 we have been reading Scribbleboy! Scribbleboy is a book by Phillip Ridley, who is an amazing author, and is the book we are reading this term.

So far in Scribbleboy, we have met the characters Bailey Silk, who is one of the main characters, Ziggy Fuzz, who is the President of the Scribbleboy Fan Club, The Skipper, Bailey’s Dad, Tiffany Spangle, who runs an ice cream business, and Levi Toot, the boy who raps on top of a black van.

In Scribbleboy, we have read about Balie Silk getting a letter from Ziggy about the Scribbleboy Fan Club, then he goes to see a scribble and faints, after that he meets Tiffany and she helps him and makes sure he is okay and then gives him an ice cream called ice cream alla Bailey! He then goes to an old cinema to meet the Scribbleboy Fan Club and meets Ziggy Fuzz. Next he starts to talk about the legend of Scribbleboy.

Scribble boy is really exciting and full of adventure and I can’t wait to find out what happens next in this fun adventure!

Monday, 4 November 2019

“My name is Scribbleboy and I'm back to Scribble.

In class, we have been introduced to a fabulous new book called Scribbleboy. It is about a boy called Bailey Silk who finds out about Scribbleboy and his legend and he is determined to find more scribbles and more about him as a person. Two chapters into the book we meet a new character named Tiffany Spangle. Tiffany is a chatterbox and with pink hair, that is usually in a ponytail, red lips and thick eyelashes. Bailey is astonished at her ice cream skills - she even makes him his favourite ice cream, without him telling her! When Bailey gets a letter from Ziggy Fuzz - the president of the Scribbleboy Fan Club - telling him everything he needs to know about Scribbleboy, Bailey is determined to go to the Fan Club, where there was described as ‘millions of members.’ However, when he arrives, there was only one member which was Ziggy Fuzz the supposed president.

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Our English and Maths work at school.

Today, year 6 have been learning about a new book in literacy called Scribble boy 

This morning, Mr Ross, our teacher, has been introducing us to a book called Scribble
Boy - so far so good, I think that what I’ve read from the texts that we were given to read was that the boy didn't have a family and he was in an orphanage. We used a blue pen and a green pen - we used the blue pen for underlining the nonsense words and we used the green pen to underline the really good words that were used in the text like brooding which means that you're going in a huff.

We were in different classes some of use were in Mission and the other half of us were in Discovery - this also happens in maths.I am in Discovery both lessons when we were learning about Scribble Boy. In maths, we were doing all sorts of stuff and today we had just started our Power Maths books and we did different pages because Mr Ross wanted use to catch up with everyone in the school because they had already started their power maths books. We then caught up with them and then we did English after break time and that's when we carried on with Scribble Boy.

In my opinion, today was really interesting

Our year 6 has begun.

This week has been a jam-packed week for Discovery, not only have we been doing a lot in maths and English but also in many other subjects, like history with Mrs Williams and PE with Mrs Beevers.

However, first let me start with the pupil responsibilities. Every child in Yr6 has been given a special job to do relating to school, for example there is the assembly music monitors the assembly computer monitors and many more. In English, we have been reading and discussing Scribble Boy  - a book about a boy who changes a small gloomy town into a lively colourful canvas - some people don't believe in Scribble boy (except the fan club dedicated to him of course) - will the fans keep the legend alive and is Scribble boy ever going to return.

In interesting Maths, we have discussing negative numbers as well as rounding to 100000, the excellent Mr Ross has taught us a lot so far and it's only our 3rd WEEK.

Meanwhile, while Mr Ross was working his head off - Miss Williams took the opportunity to take us back in time in History,we have been looking at and outdated census dating all the way back to 1881!. Mrs Beevers also took the time to make sure we stay fit and healthy in PE, we have been doing a variety of stuff like ball catching games and even some running. The most exciting thing that happened all week was when Dr Tom and his dog Jed came in to talk about the Gem Powers which are Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Emerald. These Gem Powers help us leanr how to learn!

All in all a busy old time in Year 6.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

Using Mythical words!

One of our pupils had a great book on Mythical Creatures. As he glanced at the book, Mr Ross thought the writing looked like the same font that a certain furniture shop uses, so we thought what furniture these names would be used for! We wonder if you agree!

Friday, 8 February 2019

New Stomp Project with Year 6

Today, year 6 had their first day working with a new subject, music. This will take place every Thursday morning with a different task each week.

This morning, Mrs Flynn, from Park View, introduced us to a group of musicians called Stomp. Stomp made their music only using everyday items. Which involved; pots, pans, car tyre, cushions, road signs and much more. We also came up with a few ideas that we could use if we were Stomp such as; zips, light switches and bin bags.

We were in groups of 6-9 people which we were in for the whole lesson. Mrs Flynn gave each group a simple beat that we had to keep to. When we all did it at once it sounded really cool. Some people were just marching in a beat, and some people were clapping at the speed of lightning! We were also able to do the sounds quiet as a mouse to a loud as a lion! Just by looking at Mrs Flynn’s hands.

In my opinion, today was extremely fun.
By Ruth.

To listen to our first Stomp composition - click here

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Flood Protection Activities

This week, Anna - from the Environment Agency - has spent time with each year group helping us to think about  how we should be prepared for potential floods. Here are some thoughts from our pupils.

Today, Yr6 had a special guest from the Environment Agency who taught us about flood defence.We did a few activities.

  • Remember the warning symbols 
  • Write down how to stay safe in a flood 
  • Being a News reporter about a flood.
We know almost all the symbols that the environemt agency uses:

  • water near the top floor of the roof is you will need to evacuate immeadiately,
  • water up to the first floor is be careful,
  • water on the ground means be prepared for the flood.

We also learned that to break a car window with out getting hurt you should use the head of a car seat as got those metal things can break the window easily. (Don't try it unless you are in an emergency though - it could be expensive!) 

Other year groups have made rain gauges and learned about grab bags. Thank you, Anna, for helping us to understand more about the dangers of Flooding.