Thursday, 2 July 2020

Remembering our Science Fair

We hd a nice time remebering all about the Science Fair that we did and how much we enjoyed it. As part of our memories, we looked at the photos and saw this one of the light bending, or refracting, through glass. It was a stunning photo.

Thursday, 30 April 2020

Poetry from Years 3 and 4 via Home Learning

Here are a few poems written and performed by years 3 and 4 - produced during this period of home learning.


When i heard birds tweeting I could tell that Easter was here,
So I ran down stairs to see what Easter brought to me,
Happiness filled my heart when I saw all the chocolate,
I dived straight to the caramel egg.


Ripped Pants 

When I came out of the shower one morning I realized my pants were RIPPED. I danced around in circles screaming I needed some pants, running around everywhere down the snake and through the mouth room and then all of a sudden PADOOOF I crashed into the wardrobe.

Cooking Pans 

Cooking pans cooking pans they are everywhere cooking pans cooking pans we need them everywhere . We need them on our heads, we need them on our legs, cooking pans, cooking pans. We need them everywhere.

Pineapples and Mango

Pineapples and mangoes where do they grow pineapples and mangoes are so delicious we need to know. Pineapples grow on a pine pants tree making a noise like a congquas squeel.Mangoes grow on a man's nose with a big ploge yo .


The dog was dressed like a pineapple
The cat was wearing a shoe
The fish where flying an airplane 
And the monkeys where swimming in the sea.

Limericks poem
A girl with arms like elastic
Was really into gymnastics 
She went to the gym 
With a class of gin 
But she still turned out fantasic 



Friday, 27 March 2020

Rocket League - a persuasive text.

Rocket League is amazing

Rocket League is a game on the Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC. It is football but with cars. You can jump, boost and even flip! The goal of the game is to score the most goals.

In Rocket League, you can play with friends and even against them. You can compete against other players to climb ranks and become the best. Ranks are based on level of skill. In Rocket League you can play 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 with friends.

In Rocket League, you can customise your car how you want it with different colours, boosts, hats, decals and even the actual base car! When you score, you can get a signature goal explosion, so when you score, the ball explodes to your goal explosion.

Rocket League is gonna be one of two games leading up to the Tokyo Olympics for a prize pool of $250,000! The other game leading up to the Olympics is Street Fighter. So, if you climb your way to the top, you can compete for your country.

I think a lot more people should play Rocket League as it is a great game as you can enjoy football in a different way to normal. Rocket League is just £16 and has a review of 4.3 with most of them being 5 star reviews.

The greatest love story!

Romeo and Juliet

In class, we have been reading Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare.
This book is all about two teenagers who fall in love from two rival families.
At school, we have been writing character descriptions and setting the scene of Verona, Italy where this play is set. Later on in the story, we find that the two young lovers are willing to die for each other as when Romeo gets banned from Verona, Juliet takes a sleeping potion and fakes her death, Romeo comes and takes poison just to be with her. When she realises Friar Lawrence’s plan failed, which was to send a letter to Romeo to explain everything and sneak Juliet out of Verona, she feels the need to use Romeo’s dagger and take her life as well. I think this is a great story and should be shared with more people as well. 

PE at Red Rose

PE at Red Rose primary school is different to some others. We have lots of PE teachers how are:
Mrs Jennings, Mrs Beevers, Miss Sweeney , Mrs Sweet and Mrs Laws and PE coaches that kindly come to have fun with us.

PE is one of the fun subjects that most people like. Some people that come from different schools say,”PE here is better than my old school!” I like it when people think Red Rose is a good place to be. All the PE teachers like to have fun with us and that’s what I love.

PE is one of our strongest subjects in Red Rose. We even have an allocated PE uniform!
Lucky us!!! It is

  • White polo top
  • Black bottoms 
  • Our very own PE jumper!


Saving Energy

You may not know this but you will do after reading this. If you switch off your plugs when you are not using them , you could save up to £40 a year . Can you help us try to save the planet one step at a time? Try to switch off as much lights as you can (but not when you can not  see what you are doing ) .

Always have a light in your bathroom because if you can not see you might  slip  and hit your head and hurt yourself a lot. 
Try not to  have hot baths  because you would be wasting a lot of water and energy from your boiler , so try to have as many showers  as you can .
Try to change your light bulbs to something that uses less electricity, like 10 watt.
When you have your heating on and if it has a timer on always put the timer on for about 2 hours and have it off for half an hour .
Open as many curtains and blinds as you can to let in natural light. So if you have enough money put in as many double glazed windows as you can .
Turn off  your water when you are shaving , brushing your teeth and washing your hands .
Take short showers like 3 minutes you can save upto £30 a year.
Wash your laundry in colder water , it can save you £22 a year.
Hang your laundry on a washing line .

Some great ways to save energy.