Thursday 28 March 2024

Splatoon 3

Anyone into Splatoon will know on February 22nd 2024 the 2nd wave of the Splatoon 3 expansion pass released. As a more hardcore fan of Splatoon than the casual “Hey! I play Splatoon”. I felt like camping outside Smyths until it opened on release day or staying up ‘till the clock struck 2 am (I woke up at 6:30) but us beloved spoon fans were too excited to wait.

Welcome to the memverse.

How the whole Being transported to the memverse thing works with the canon of

Splatoon is that Deep Cut announces that the train station is now offering a

train ride to Inkopolis Square alongside Inkopolis Plaza.

Whilst on the train the player falls asleep. Whilst you fall asleep, the world

glitches out and you wake up in the WRONG Inkopolis square.

When you are greeted by the drone PEARL?

The initial spire.

After hearing Marina SCREAM from the top of the top of the tower you and

Pearl go nside the spire to save Marina from Whatever but get attacked by

fish so pearl births guns from her blades from her blades

Don't ask. So you bust some fish then meet a Sanitised octoling named Acht

who offers to help you but can't fight because she is wounded.

After confirming Acht is not a threat, Pearl asks to go to the top floor

but…the elevator only goes 1 floor at a time.

So to the first floor you go. Being simple you only have one goal:

Destroy the portal! 

Sana, Year 5 pupil

Taylor Swift and Marshmallow Story

Taylor Swift

My favourite singer is Taylor Swift and I love her music so much.I went and saw her eras tour with my mum and we stayed up quite late which was so much fun.My absolute fav song that she wrote is You Belong With Me.I don’t know how I can’t get enough of the song but it is stuck in my head all the time. My second fav is Paper Rings or Body And Soul. All three of them are so catchy and no one can get them out of my head. Even though Taylor is my favourite singer, 1 direction has to be my second fav or Adele they are so good and they have lots of catchy songs.

My Marshmallow Story

Over the two weeks off I started a Marshmallow Story.It is off to a very good start and I am very proud of what I have done so far. This is a very rough summary of it so basically I was on a walk and there was a shadow. I went towards it and it was a marshmallow, it could talk and it told me to follow it so I did and I went into then I went into the grand land of marshmallows. It was amazing it was so pink and white everywhere the houses, shops, palace and a load more.

Arrabella, Year 5

Basketball - a great game

  Basketball is very fun you can play with your friends and family. Its a fun game which is very popular. You can participate in  tournaments to get money. For first place and can try to get in the NBA-which is a very popular team-if you do get in you would earn a lot of money.

The NFL may be popular but even being good at basketball is very hard. It might be hard but practice makes perfect but there's more than the NBA there's the Chicago Bulls which are also very popular. 

If you want to know how to play you bounce the ball also Basketball is a no contact sport but back on how to play. When you get the ball either pass or shoot the ball into the net and score all you have to do. It is a peaceful game.

Brody, Year 5

Marcus Rashford


Marcus Rashford is a Manchester United and England professional football player.

I chose to write about Marcus Rashford as I think he is a great role model and a

great inspiration to people who also want to become a professional football player

just like him. So why is he so inspirational? Let me give you some facts: 

  •  He was voted third for the English FWA Footballer of the Year award.
  • Marcus has also won the FA cup and the carabao cup.

  • Outside of the world of football: - Rashford is a campaigner against racism, homelessness and child hunger in the uk. 

To me Marcus represents what football was originally about. Football is an all inclusive game where anyone can join in. Marcus didn’t have the money that some other people had growing up and because of this he has inspired others to achieve their goals no matter their background. 


  In the 22/23 season Marcus netted 17 goals and 5 assists and led his Manchester United team to finish 3rd in the premier league and secure a Champions league spot.

He also netted 17 goals and 7 assists in the 19/20 season.

Marcus has gone through the highs and lows on and off the pitch from missing the penalty in the euros to campaigning against racism but it never stopped him from being himself.

Sebastian, Year 6

1 Direction

 The glorious band 1 Direction or you might know them as 1D, starring Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Niall Horan and Liam Payne.

Their songs are called What makes you beautiful, Night Changes, Story of my life, Steal my girl, Live while we are young you and I, Best song ever, Kiss you, One thing, Drag me down, Perfect, Right now, Olivia, One way or another, Magic, Little things, They don't know about us, Strong, Last first kiss, Stockholm syndrome, History, Waking up in the wild, Still the one, Irresistible, She's not afraid,  Midnight memories,  I want more than this and  Rock me

Sophie, Year 5

Thursday 21 March 2024

Horse Riding Equipment

 When you want to start horse riding you must know this information to keep safe.Now some things get influenced like riding clothes but honestly its not needed! You can go in leggings and a t-shirt. You should go to a riding school when you start to learn because you will have all the equipment there like riding boots, body protector and whips. Whips are optional they do not hurt the horse unless you do it extremely hard. There are many places to start horse riding but some are not as good and friendly as others.

Eva, Year 5


 My dancing experience in school and outside is amazing and I love doing it.This I did a Dance at the Gala Theatre with other year five and sixes.The year 3s and 4s also did it.The year 3s and 4s did Harry Potter and the year 5 and 6 did Pirates of the Caribbean. It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed it a lot.When I was outside of school I performed at the Shaftesbury Theatre down in London.We did 4 dances and they were Lion King, Alice in Wonderland, Grease and Annie.On Friday the 1st of March, I went to Telford near Manchester to watch the Theatre Awards. I was so excited and so were my friends.

Arabella, Year 5